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Haydn Voyages: Music at the Maritime

By Hausmann Quartet (other events)

16 Dates Through Nov 10, 2019

Haydn Voyages: Music at the Maritime

The Hausmann Quartet and the Maritime Museum of San Diego are excited to partner to present this quarterly concert series aboard Berkeley - an 1898 steam ferryboat that operated for 60 years on San Francisco Bay.

Concerts aboard this National Historic Landmark, docked in downtown San Diego next to Star of India, explore the evolution of the string quartet through the lens of Joseph Haydn’s quartet cycle. The programming sets his works alongside those of master composers from our own era and stretching back to his musical ancestors. As the father of the string quartet and one of history’s most innovative composers, Haydn is an ideal guide to this exploration of some of the most powerful, creative music ever written. Each creative program also includes informative and entertaining commentary during the performance from noted UC Santa Barbara musicologist Derek Katz.

Haydn Voyages is generously underwritten by pH Projects, with additional support from the County of San Diego's Community Enhancement Program.

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The fourth season will take audiences on a series of wonderful journeys, with programs that encompass a vast range of themes, sounds, cultures and emotions.

January 13 - Reconstruction and Transformation

The season opens with an exploration of the transformative power of music through works with strikingly different points of origin and world views. Jessie Montgomery’s Source Code re-imagines works by African American poets, dancers and jazz singers active in the Civil Rights era to create a transportive sound world all of her own. Pauline Oliveros’ 1971 Tuning Meditation takes both audience and performers on a participatory deep-listening journey. It comes from a set of pieces the composer highlights for a “focus on community, the social power of sound, an extended recognition of its sources, and its deconstruction of hierarchy. Though undoubtedly a new way of composing, it also proposed a new way of existing in the world, and interacting with others.” The centerpiece is Dmitri Shostakovich’s Ninth Quartet, a powerfully intense work which was in fact his second attempt at writing a ninth string quartet, as he burned his first draft “in an attack of healthy self criticism.” As usual, Haydn’s constant reinvention and endless creativity will be on full display.

March 31 - Songs of the World

This journey around the globe spans cultures, eras and political issues that are as alive today as they were in Haydn’s 18th-century Europe. His “Emperor” Quartet, with its variations on a theme he wrote for Francis II (later used in the German national anthem and inspired by Haydn hearing “God Save the King” in London), surely includes feelings of national pride, but may have also been a symbolic protest to Napoleon’s rise in Europe. A haunting setting of an Armenian folk song by Mary Kouyoumdjian and Terry Riley’s G Song (the work of an American master who draws on truly global influences) complete this international voyage, with Haydn as fearless leader.

September 15 (KPBS night) - Loss and Renewal

This concert spans the full range of our human experience: from the unspeakable tragedy of losing a child and facing one’s own impending death after a long battle with poor health, contrasted with  the sense of hope and renewal that comes with the birth of another child, and the unexpected recovery after a long illness. Beethoven’s opus 132 Quartet is one if his final masterpieces, and guides the narrative arc of this program. A world premiere by Ryan Carter will explore similar themes, and Haydn’s quirky opus 17/1 Quartet completes this emotionally potent evening. This concert is also the annual celebration of KPBS’ sponsorship of Haydn Voyages.

November 10 - Frog and Hair

Mischief  and wry humor abound in 2019’s final concert, featuring quirky miniatures by Andrew Norman (Peculiar Strokes) and Igor Stravinsky (Concertino) to go along with two of Haydn’s most creative and unique contributions to the string quartet repertoire, his so-called “Frog” and “Lark” Quartets. Come enjoy some clever musical jokes, winks and nods to go along with the beautiful sunset aboard the Berkeley as the fourth season of Haydn Voyages comes to a close.